"A passion that can be tasted"

The Frenz winery, a medium-sized family business located in Rheinhessen, has set itself the task
to awaken customer’s passion for good wine and service.

Winery Frenz

Since the year 1800 the Frenz Family studied viniculture in the small village Saulheim located in Rheinhessen. Saulheim contains five layers of vineyards, three of which are family owned; Heiligenhaus, Schlossberg and Saulheimer Holle. Most of the work at the vineyard is performed by hand, despite the availability of machines, this helps to detect any issues earlier in the process. The vineyard is approximately 10 hectares (approx. 24.7acres) and is managed by Hubertus Frenz and his son Patrick.

The Winemaker

Patrick Frenz

Patrick watched his father Hubertus working in the vineyard as a child and could see potential for some changes. He decided but once for another way. After training, stays abroad and two different degrees came the desire to take over the winery.

From 2014 to 2017 Patrick completed degree in Viticulture and Oenology at the University in Geisenheim while working in the family business.


In Saulheim there are 5 individual layers, Haubenberg, Heiligenhaus, Hell, Probstey and Schlossberg.
The Frenz Winery cultivates in the Heiligenhaus, Hell and Schlossberg vineyards.


This location is south of Saulheim direction Udenheim. The vineyards are oriented northeast. The soil is loess clay. The growing area covers an area of ​​115 ha.


The Hell area is located on the northern side of Saulheim and mostly on a slope and is thus oriented south. The soil consists of a loess clay and clay mixture. The acreage is 176 ha.


The Schlossberg is also north of Saulheim in the direction of Partenheim and is also aligned north. The area is partially severed by the Street (Perdel). The structure of the soil is clayey clay. The Schlossberg offers a vineyard of 107 ha.


Patrick spends most of the time during the year in the vineyard in order to ensure a good wine at the end of the process. It is important that the grapes are healthy and ripe. The quality of the grapes must be continually checked prior to harvesting. After the harvest, it is important to put an individual stamp on the wines. . For years now the Frenz winery has not used any products of animal origin as fining or clarifying agents to bind unwanted solids and turbid matter. All wines produced at the Frenz winery are vegan. The wines are cold-fermented by a mix of natural and pure-breeding yeasts to ensure a gentle fermentation process. After fermentation, the wines remain in the tank for a period of time before they are bottled. Once bottled, the wines are allowed to rest again before they are sold. (our Wine)

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